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A powerful LED fixture designed for very low profile recessed ceiling mount, or optional surface mount, suitable for exterior or interior wet locations including wash down, at heights over 40 ft from floor level. Dual function operation in either emergency or normal mode, powered from the Signtex central battery system at 24VDC.

Designed to mount directly on extruded structural
mullion beams used in glass-fronted
entrances and other dividing walls.

CBS Systems

An overview of the Central Battery Systems & Moonlite LED. Includes a list of the services Signtex offers, along with a list of some selected projects.

The Central Emergency System (CES)

The Central Emergency System & Moonlite LED™ is the first central emergency & standby lighting system combining storage batteries & generator input.

Central Battery System Design Guide-
The CBS Layout in Six Simple Steps!

The Central Battery System is called Universal because it will operate the full range of Signtex emergency lighting products, including any of the MOONLITE LED, Exit Signs, and COVERLITE recessed units. With an output range from 100 watts to 1000 watts at 24VDC, this system will power up to 100 emergency lights from one panel.

This Design Guide will assist in the circuit layout of the Central Battery System in six simple steps, including initial model selection, load calculations, and circuit layout.

The Moonlite LED Spacing Guide

The Moonlite LED Spacing Guide offers recommended center to center spacing for all Moonlite LED models. Check out the stunning performance of the Moonlite recessed emergency down light, as well as the interior & exterior wall packs.

The Signtex CBS Brochure

The new color brochure concisely illustrates the tremendous advantages of the
Central Battery System. Download the Adobe Acrobat file here.






The CBS Circuit Layout Brochure

The new Circuit Layout Brochure is a valuable resource for specifiers. It includes a cost comparison and samples of completed projects.