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ELC converts any LED luminaire to
emergency lighting operation, powered
from a Signtex central battery system.


A unique new application for high power LEDs, these fixtures supply both emergency lighting and night or security lighting, with lower power and less maintenance then any other system.


Extremely cost effective, solves battery and fixture maintenance problems once and for all, and also provides power for night or security lighting . Any Signtex emergency lighting product may be connected.


Recessed and practically invisible in normal mode, the COVERLITE blends effortlessly into a building environment and outperforms most other emergency lighting. The ultimate blend of form and function.


The Series CVL delivers very high lumen output with Dual MR16 LED lamps, and remains hidden in normal conditions. It is ideal for locations with high ceilings, or areas requiring longer spacing between fixtures.


Simply the most elegant, brightest architectural signs in the market, with extremely low power consumption and superb all-metal housings.

Like a Rapier sword, this fixture is razor sharp! With a profile height of just over ½” and custom face colors it blends into an architectural environment like no other exit sign.
Offered with low profile thermoplastic or extruded aluminum housings with many custom options, these models provide the ultimate savings in operating costs. Delivers 100% reliable lighting without dependence on any external source of power or light.